Thursday, 27 January 2011


You have built me,
And forever I will be no self.

Taking the hands from your clock
I watched
The face of Time relieve the room
And sitting there together,
We burned logs.
We fed a fire I never started
Through a roof you’ve never seen

Buckle up my shoes I want
To walk the ruined garden
Or talk to passing strangers;
Spin the life out from my loom

Clothos and Lachesis stare,
Atropos lifts her weary head;
For one moment pushing nearer,
Fateful scissors to my threads

But as you needed walking,
Around the room and talking,
With fever at a wedding ghost
Of someone whom you loved the most;
The room begets my life.

Hold me fascinated
Hold me -

Walking for a moment
A shard of mirror bites the fire
All light reflects into me
And all I see
Is you

1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOD, Chris!! This is unbelievable. How are you so talented, and so grounded at the same time? I'm gonna make a calendar of you...! xxx